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Archibald Henderson's The Transylvania Company. Three Separate Publications.

Archibald Henderson's The Transylvania Company. Three Separate Publications.


Three pamphlets of: 19 pages;15 pages; and 23 pages.

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Henderson, Archibald. THE TRANSYLVANIA COMPANY: A STUDY IN PERSONNEL. I. JAMES HOGG. II. THOMAS HART. III. THE HART BROTHERS: THOMAS, NATHANIEL, AND DAVID by Archibald Henderson, Ph.D., Litt.D., D.C.L., LL.D. of the University of North Carolina. Louisville, Ky.: Filson Club, 1947.

Three pamphlets of: 19 pages;15 pages; and 23 pages. Pagination: [3]-21;[228]-242;[327]-349 pp. Reprinted from The Filson Club History Quarterly, January and July, 1947. Each pamphlet has its own printed wrappers and a full page plate. All three biographical studies are in very good condition.

The second monograph is signed at the top margin of the front wrapper: "For William A. Blair with compliments of Archibald Henderson".

These are three very scarce author's offprints. Henderson's listed contributions to the history of Kentucky and North Carolina are many, yet this work is not found in COLEMAN or THORNTON.

"The Transylvania Colony was a short-lived, extra-legal colony founded during 1775 by land speculator Richard Henderson, who controlled the North Carolina based Transylvania Company. Henderson and his investors had reached an agreement to purchase a vast tract of Cherokee lands west of the southern and central Appalachian Mountains through the acceptance of Treaty of Sycamore Shoals with most leading Cherokee chieftains then controlling these lands. To further complicate matters, this early American frontier land was also claimed at the same time by both the Province of Virginia (particularly following Lord Dunmore's War) and the North Carolina colony. The Transylvania Colony was primarily located in what is now the central and eastern parts of Kentucky. The American pioneer and frontier explorer Daniel Boone was hired by Henderson to establish the Wilderness Road going through the Cumberland Gap and into southeastern Kentucky. Transylvania officially ceased to exist as a government entity in 1776 when the Virginia General Assembly invalidated the Transylvania Purchase."