The most defining aspect of your American literature research paper is the topic. It determines the books you will read and the perspective you take in the discussion. The topic also invites readers or will repel them. The topic plays a huge role during grading. Above all, it will determine the perception with which readers approach your paper.

There are many research paper topics American literature you can consider in your writing. When asked to pick a topic for your paper, here are a few considerations to make.

  • Freshness – are you discussing the same old American literature research topics that your professor explored decades ago? No one will pick your paper from the shelves. Choose the most recent and forward-looking ideas. The oldest professor in your department will be looking for fresh ideas in your work. You would better provide that.
  • Unique – look for unique American literature research paper ideas to discuss in your paper. Avoid perspectives that every student would discuss in their paper. Choose a topic that immediately captures the attention of the vetting panel because it is original and unique.
  • Specific – what do you want to discuss about American literature? The area is so wide that it cannot fit into one research paper. Choose a specific idea that creates boundaries for your paper. The person reading the paper should have a clear idea of what to expect based on the topic.
  • Researchable – can you get reference materials for your literature research paper topic? Choose a strong and researchable topic, especially one that is relevant to the unit you are studying. It must be within the scope of American literature to make sense to a reader. Avoid shallow topics that deny you the opportunity to express your ideas. At the same time, the topic should not be too demanding that you fail to make a comprehensible argument.

Here are the best American literature topics to consider for your paper:

  1. American dream in literature
  2. Labor movement depiction in writing
  3. Cross-generational American authors
  4. Most influential American literature
  5. American literature and social media
  6. Contribution of American writers to the world
  7. American literature and the Nobel price
  8. Religion in the American literature
  9. American book topics ideas across races
  10. Racism depiction in American books
  11. Politics and the growth of the American literary scene
  12. The tradition of the theater and its influence on American literature
  13. Modern American poets
  14. Literature of the American Civil War
  15. Depiction of the indigenous people in American literature
  16. The language of American writing
  17. The place of film in American writing
  18. Authors who have influenced American writing
  19. Sports and literature
  20. The opera and literature
  21. Immigrants writers
  22. American wars and their influence on literature
  23. Capitalism captured in American writing
  24. Influence of foreign languages
  25. Impact of the school system on American writing
  26. The gender divide in literature
  27. Mark Twain influence
  28. Literature and age
  29. Samuel Clemens
  30. Technology and impact on literature
  31. Literature out of quarantine
  32. Gender-based violence in literature
  33. LGBTQ in literature
  34. Sign language and literature
  35. Human rights
  36. The international community in American Literature
  37. American legends
  38. Mythology in American writing
  39. Fiction in American writing
  40. WWI literature
  41. Bibliographies and autobiographies
  42. Literature and propaganda
  43. Literature of the city
  44. Feminism in writing
  45. Social identity
  46. Evolution of American literature
  47. Interracial love
  48. American performed literature
  49. Liberty in American Novels
  50. Black poets

There are many topics you can explore in your American literature research papers. Choose a topic that allows you to exercise your mind and deliver the most insightful discussion. You may also hire a professional writer to assist you with the paper.

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